Google Reader JSON the HTML Converter

Well, since Google Reader is ceasing to exist, it became time to change services. My choice of services was to move over to Feedly. Mainly because of the extremly easy transition. However, my starred and shared items did not carry over. After performing an export of my Reader data with Google Takeout, I had the data on my computer, but in a rather useless format. So, after some fruitless searching for a solution, I headed over to Applescript. The result, the Google Reader JSON to HTML Converter!

Once downloaded, simply drag’n’drop the JSON file onto the application and wait. Depending on the size of the file, it may take a while. If you wish to see how it’s progressing, open up the console and look at the log file. Once done, a new HTML file will appear in the same folder as the original. This can be opened in any web browser and you will get the title and first link of each item.

I’ve tested with only the starred and shared items, since those are the only ones I had items in. I’m guessing it will work with the others though. This is open-source, so you can open it with AppleScript Editor to see the code. Give a shout if this helps you out!


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