Photo Singularity #2

My new hobby! – courtesy of The Great U.S. 36 Treasure Hunt


Photo Singularity #1

This is something new I’m going to try and maybe it will make me post a bit more often. Just a single photo every once in a while. Maybe at most once a week and at least once a month. It will usually be something that I’ve taken, but it might not always be recent. Sometimes I may write a bit, but it will probably be just the photo most of the time. This time, though, I’ll write a bit. This photo is from our garden and is a picture of our broom corn. The height of it is somewhere around 10 to 12 feet. Once enlarged you can see it better.

Kite Shelving

Finished some shelving that I made to store my kites. Made the shelves out of some yellow pine that was from one of our barns that blew down a while back and some cedar. The French Cleat was made all from cedar. If you want the plans, you can download the SketchUp file.

And for those who have asked, I currently have 33 kites.