How to extract MPEG-2 video files from a DVD

This example uses the command-line version of mplayer. It will extract the titles without doing any transcoding or editing to them. Run the command…

mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile /save/path/video.mpg dvd://1

If a DVD has multiple titles/videos, change the 1 to the number of the title you want.
If you get errors like…

Couldn't open DVD device: /dev/dvd
No stream found to handle url dvd://1

try adding in the option

-dvd-device /path/to/dvd

to the above command.

On Ubuntu the path is /dev/cdrom0
On Mac OS X the path is /Volumes/Name_of_DVD
You can also specify a path to a folder containing a DVD’s Video_TS folder somewhere on your drive.


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