Panorama Creation

A couple of months ago I posted a photo of one of our hay fields. You may have noticed that it’s a little bigger than normal photos. It is actually three photos that were stitched together. There’s several programs that can do this. You could do it in Photoshop (or GIMP) and there are probably several plugins to help. A good way, on the Mac, is to use DoubleTake. It’s a good program and easy to use, yet it’s shareware ($24.95) and I’m just too cheap. Especially when there’s an open-source alternative.

Fortunately, there is an extremely powerful, very good, and open-source alternative. It’s known as Hugin. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly easy to figure out. There are many options that can do many things to make the resulting panoramas more ‘correct’, but it does end up being a bit of a cluttered interface. You can kinda ignore some of the options and get the basic stitch done fairly easy once you’ve done it once or twice. I won’t try to explain how to do it, but Lifehacker had an extremely helpful how-to. It can be found at


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