Picking Corn

This happened sometime in November, but anyway… We had a little corn picking party here. Instead of picking it all with the combine, we left six rows for 200 feet or so and had a neighbor come over and demonstrate how it used to be done. They used a “hook” to help get the husk off and then the ear was tossed into the wagon. Apparently, a fast picker could have one ear hitting the wagon, one in the air, and one in hand. We weren’t quite that fast.


2007 Ice Storm

Well, we’ve been out of power for about six days now. Had an ice storm come through Monday night. Woke up to the sounds of trees breaking all over. We’re going to be busy picking up sticks once the ice melts. At least we’ll get some firewood. Many power lines and poles went down because of the ice. We only had one line break (headed to our barn) when a tree limb fell on it. We did a temporary repair job so we could get our generator hooked up. Dad thinks that this could have been the first time our generator was used. The last storm was in ’83, before I was around, and he thinks it was purchased after that. Just glad that it worked after sitting for twenty years. Did have a flat tire though. Anyway, it gives enough power to power the house, so we have water and lights. Now that the phone company purchased generators for their junction boxes, we even have internet. So here’s some pictures from last week. (Click for larger images.)

A few days after the ice, we had some snowfall.

Our generator hooked up at the meter pole. Good thing we had the cables made and the box put in a while back so we were able to hook it up.

You can see a few more pictures at my Mom’s site.
    Brrrr (adford Pear Tree, and others)
    And then came snow.