Mostly I fly dual-line stunt kites. However, I also fly quad-line stunt and power kites. I have a homemade buggy for the power kites. Once in a while, I even stick up a single-line kite. I don’t have any tri-line kites, but they do exist. Some pictures below.

The Addiction with 50ft tails.

The Pyro on a cloudy day.

I even fly when it’s snowing. For some reason nobody would join me that day.

Stack of three Pyro’s ready for launch.

Quad-line Revolution twirling it’s 50ft tails.

My main buggy kite. This kite is a quad-line foil. It has a 14ft wingspan and 4.5m surface area. My biggest power kite is a 9.0m and my smallest is 1.5m.

My main single-line is a delta-box kite.

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  1. Vermillion Public Library » Kites Says:

    […] do another post about kites. For now, if you want a few more pictures, you can check out the post Kites on my personal website. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. […]

  2. chari Says:

    Wish I could watch you fly the kites some time. Would you consider doing a show for the public sometime? How facinating to watch and nice to view the photos.
    How do you keep from being carried off by these kites?
    Are you harnessed to the ground? Ever thought about gliding or flying? chari

  3. maeks84 Says:

    Every so often we end up with several kites in the air. I think the record stands at six people flying at once. Anyone is welcome to stop and give it a go whenever they see us out there. It’s more fun when it’s more than just ourselves.

    I’m never harnessed to the ground, but sometimes the kite is harnessed to me. Sometimes people tie themselves to a solid object and let the kite pull them up so they are basically hovering, but that is considered a little more dangerous than normal flying.

    There’s videos all over the net of people jumping with kites. Kitesurfing is where there are many big jumps happening, but people do them on solid ground as well. As to staying on the ground, it’s mostly about being smart and not flying a kite too big for the wind. Most of my power kites are designed with “reduced lift” since they’re more of a buggy kite. (Pull along the ground instead of up off the ground.)

    I might get an ultralight aircraft someday. I haven’t been too interested in gliding though.

    We’ll get you out here one of these days and you can give a few a shot. Congratulations on being the first to comment on my site.

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