Mostly I fly dual-line stunt kites. However, I also fly quad-line stunt and power kites. I have a homemade buggy for the power kites. Once in a while, I even stick up a single-line kite. I don’t have any tri-line kites, but they do exist. Some pictures below.

The Addiction with 50ft tails.

The Pyro on a cloudy day.

I even fly when it’s snowing. For some reason nobody would join me that day.

Stack of three Pyro’s ready for launch.

Quad-line Revolution twirling it’s 50ft tails.

My main buggy kite. This kite is a quad-line foil. It has a 14ft wingspan and 4.5m surface area. My biggest power kite is a 9.0m and my smallest is 1.5m.

My main single-line is a delta-box kite.

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Another blog

Well, I’ve finally created a blog. We shall see what happens now.